Monday, May 6, 2013

A refined, responsible addition to your décor collection…

My Rhino, a project started by ceramic company Or-gari, attempts to address this problem in its own small way – by raising global awareness, and funds through these delightful décor pieces that are both especially relevant and exceptionally striking.

Rhinoceroses once roamed the plains and forests of Africa in their hundreds of thousands. Today they tweeter on the brink of extinction. The name “ My Rhino” was selected to increase people’s connection to this beautiful animal, making the Rhino not just any other animal but their own Rhino.

Selective designs have been used that encapsulate the essence of Africa, Love and Emotion. My Rhino has been moulded by expert mould maker , where the exact proportions of the rhino has been taken into consideration, from body to the weight of the animal, making it as close to a replica as possible.

The My Rhino brand wishes to increase awareness globally through as many distribution channels locally and internationally as possible, by doing such, all people ca become further aware and connect with such a wonderful animal.

My Rhino is currently donating to The Kariega Foundation, http:/, making this not just an awareness program but also a fund raising initiative.
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